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Tie Manufacturers

A quintessential tailoring accessory, and with hundreds of millions purchased globally each year, our capability for the production of handmade ties and pocket squares is extensive. Coupling modern production techniques with traditional weaving methods, we can produce a wide range of neckwear. Since we weave our own fabrics, your designs can be as individual or as understated as you desire.

Knitted Ties

Knitted ties are a unique, versatile addition to any wardrobe, constructed from silk or man made materials, but without the folds or lining you would find in a regular tie. Knitted ties are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility.. They will commonly have a square of a pointed end, and are at home in formal or office attire as well as in casual outfits. The history of the Knitted tie is in the “Ivy league” style dating back to 1950s America. Adding a touch of subtle sophistication to any outfit because of their less conventional texture, Knitted ties add an extra layer of style which isn’t found in a usual tie, whilst having some more practical qualities which are less often thought about. For example, they are a great tie for travelling with as they will not crease.

Bow Ties

The modern bow tie first appeared at the beginning of the 19th century as a modification to the Cravat. By the mid 1880s, the bow tie had been established as a staple piece of neckwear in the wardrobes of men across the world, but its status as iconic piece of attire came in October 1886 when Pierre Lorillard wore a new style of formal wear to a ball at the Tuxedo club just outside of New York City. This attire became quickly known as the Tuxedo, and with it’s black bow tie as a major part of that look, the “black tie” attire was born and is still used in formal wear to this day.

Minimum Order Quantity

We proudly offer custom ties and pocket squares at some of the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry; from just 50pcs per design. This allows us to support both small and large brands alike. We are tie manufacturers offering a full production solution, taking care of all processes from the initial designs and prototypes to bulk manufacture. Regardless of order quantity we are committed to providing products of the highest quality. Please feel free to get in touch if you want to find out more or discuss your project.


We offer complimentary conceptual product illustrations which help with the communication of your initial ideas. Our designers can work from your textual descriptions or any images allowing you to visually approve your concepts before tie manufacturing goes ahead.


All the fabrics we use are produced in house and to order, allowing us meet your requirements for colour, design and composition. As custom tie manufacturers we dye fabrics to your exact specification using Pantone matching, and predominantly work with silk and high quality synthetic materials.

Silk is considered one of the most luxurious and desirable materials on the planet, first discovered in China by the wife of Emperor Xi Ling-Shi in 6000BC when she noticed that threads were attached to the worms eating the leaves of damaged mulberry trees. China has long since maintained a position as the worlds number one manufacturer of Silk, and was key in the formation of the Silk Road, which takes its name from the commerce in Chinese Silk across trade routes from China to Europe and Africa.

We understand that some customers want an item which is more robust than the silk ties we mainly produce. For this, we also offer high quality synthetic fabrics such as Polyester. Man made materials such as Polyester have many positive qualities and are generally used in environments which require the tie to be wrinkle/stain resistant or easier to wash, such as in Schools.