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Corporate Ties

In a corporate environment it is important for your team to be instantly recognisable as a part of your organisation. Whether you’re a hotel chain, a supermarket or a local store, uniforms are a key element for building trust with your customers and conveying your brand identity. We can assist in the production of corporate branded ties for use as a part of your uniforms or for merchandising and promotional purposes.

Customisation Options

We offer a number of customisation options for corporate ties, allowing you to create unique ties, bow ties and pocket squares for your business. Our customisation options include, but are not limited to –

Width & Length:

With individuality being at the centre of your company, we allow you to change the width and length of your neckwear. Regardless of whether you would prefer to have a narrow, a wide or a standard width tie, we can assist in your tie manufacturing.


We can match your company colours with ease when producing your corporate ties. We dye fabrics using the pantone colour system, using specific pantone codes which ensure consistency and perfection in line with your requirements when reproducing colours.

Custom Tipping:

Because we weave all fabrics to suit your order requirements, we can accommodate custom tip designs to give your corporate ties an extra unique detail.


Each corporate tie we produce comes with a custom label, identifying the tie with your business name. We can pantone dye this label to match your specifications and can produce them from Taffeta, Damask or Satin fabric.

  • Corporate Silk Tie

  • Corporate Polyester Tie

  • Corporate Pocket Square

  • Promotional Ties

  • Clip On Tie