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Colour Match

All the fabrics we use are produced in house and to order, allowing us meet your requirements for colour, design and composition. We dye materials to your exact colour shade using the pantone colour system. Being a common standard for colour matching used not only in the clothing industry, but in many others too, it’s easy to match your brand colours using codes to ensure an exact match. By standardising the colours, manufacturers in different locations can all reference a pantone numbered colour, making sure they match without direct contact with one another. With over 1100 unique, numbered colours we can either match your current branding or create unique ranges. We will happily offer advice regarding colour shades where needed.

Custom Fabric

Each step of the manufacturing process is completed in house, including custom fabric production. This, along with our use of the pantone colour system gives you the ability to create unique designs, woven from premium silk to robust polyester. We allow full control over the pattern, print, weave and colour; creating fabric swatches for your confirmation before proceeding with your samples. Some popular weaves we offer include but are not limited to Satin, Twill and Herringbone. Because we weave all fabrics to order, we can also incorporate custom tip designs in to your products. This level of detail is usually reserved for those who order in very large quantities, but our infrastructure allows us to produce custom tips from just 50pcs per design. Custom tips can include crests, logos and company names, giving an extra unique detail to your items.

From clothing brands to corporations, colour schemes are a key element for building trust with your customers and conveying your brand identity and values. We can match your brand colours using the Pantone colour system.

We produce fully custom fabrics and provide both swatches and samples for approval before we produce your order meaning you can be sure of the items you’ll receive.